In the second week of June, our facebook page was “Unpublished” by facebook for “encouraging drug use” and “violating community guidelines”– neither charge was true or based in reality. What we believe happened was that a competitor reported our page to facebook which landed us the ban.

This effectively brought our business to a grinding halt overnight as we had no other means of contacting the majority of our customers. We were allowed one chance to “appeal” facebook’s action, but that just meant we were allowed to virtually request one of Facebook’s admins to look over the page and if they still felt it violated community guidelines, the page would be permanently erased from facebook.

During this “appeal” process, we were not allowed to provide any information to facebook, nor were we offered a way of contacting a representative of Facebook directly to see how we were violating community standards and what we could do to fall in line with those standards. We double and tripple checked the community guidelines and found absolutely NOTHING we were doing violated them in anyway.

Twenty four hours after requesting the “appeal” our facebook page was purged from facebook and the page creator’s personal account was temporarily banned for 24 hours. We are considering taking possible legal action for damages to our business by facebook, after all, they advertise being a welcoming platform for legal businesses to engage and grow their audience. We found out the hard way that after months of hard work and money spent on advertising, we could have the entire thing pulled down on our head’s without any recourse or valid explanation.



We created a new system for broadcasting promotions and taking local (and online) orders. It’s fast, simple and easy.

To place a local order, simply click the green “ORDER LOCALLY” button on the navigation bar.

Likewise, to place a non-local order, click the “ORDER ONLINE” button to be taken to the appropriate place.

You can also call in local and non-local orders by dialing




We apologize to our customers for the massive inconvenience this was. As you can see, we were quite powerless in the situation and it infuriated us. In the long run we’ll count it as having been an oportunity to create systems for taking care of our customers that can’t be controlled or destroyed by the big gatekeepers (Facebook, Google, Amazon).

We hope you’ll continue to do business with Pious Lion and we ensure you we will do everything within our power to remain loyal to YOU the customer through all the ups and downs.

-Pious Lion