Bottled Kratom from Pious Lion now available in Asheville NC!

We’re excited to announce the new ‘Cold Maengs’ from Pious Lion. We can’t hide our happiness at finally having these available. We’re at Stoke Level 99 right now because we LOVE these and know you will too!

When you think Asheville Kratom, we want you to think Pious Lion, and we’re working overtime to you exactly what you want.

Many of you enjoy bottled kratom so as of Friday July 21st, we’re doing a limited test run to gauge interest in our Cold Maeng bottled kratom, and if they sell well (we believe they will) we will be carrying these bad boys on an ongoing basis and customers will be able to add them to their orders.

Right now we’re carrying 2X (double strength) and each bottle contains approximately 10 grams of brewed kratom, which just goes to show that big things come in small packages. The cost is $10/bottle and when we begin carrying the regular strength, they will be $6.

These will always be delivered nice and cold, and they must be refrigerated. They will last about a week in the fridge and indefinitely in the freezer, but good luck keeping them around that long!

We are currently using a premium Green Horned Maeng Da different from the Green Maeng Da powder we carry to brew these, and the end result is FANTASTIC. If you’ve never had one, you’re in for a treat. Mellow, smooth, vibrant and clean, our Cold Maengs are sure to put a smile on your face. Add a few to your next order and see for yourself!

We run exclusive sales and promotions for our VIP customers. To get the best deals, text KRATOM to the number 555888. You can also order through that number, and as always our business number is 828-398-0570



-Pious Lion