About Pious Lion

kratom-asheville-one-ounce-bagsThe first exclusive kratom company based in Asheville North Carolina, Pious Lion’s roots are in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We, the owners, hold a great deal of love and respect for the kratom plant and wish to spread awareness while doing our part in the fight to keep kratom legal in the United States. We believe this plant deserves more study and we’re convinced it has already proven to be a viable solution to not only the opiate epidemic, but also a safe, long term solution for those suffering with chronic or acute pain conditions.

Our kratom is 100% organic and harvested sustainably, with the leaves being picked straight from trees in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Our product is sold as a bulk ethnobotanical for craft makers to use in soap, incense and other non-consumable goods.

Mission Statement

asheville-kratomPious Lion’s goal is simple: Provide the purest, most naturally potent kratom in the world to our customers with fair prices while simultaneously working to ensure our farmers and their laborers are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

We at Pious Lion believe kratom is a gift from God and we strive to be an example of integrity in the marketplace and to hold true to our core value of People over Profit. We believe the quality of our product speaks for itself and aim to price our goods in a way that makes them accessible to the average working class man and woman.

We invite you to put our kratom to the test, and we trust that if you’re looking for the best quality at fair prices your search ends with us.

Contact Us

We love hearing from customers and respond to all messages. Text or call our business line at 828.398.0570

If you would like to become a distributor in your area, please send us an email at thepiouslion@gmail.com