Posted January 6, 2022

If you’re looking for kratom in or near Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Saluda, and surrounding areas, look no further! We are Asheville’s first Kratom exclusive vendor, opening in March 2017. Our goal has always been to provide a higher quality at a more affordable rate. We are currently (January 2022) running a very big sale on Kilos (2.2lbs) which are normally $150. For a limited time we are selling single strain kilos for just $99 + FREE shipping/delivery!

Our current inventory is perhaps our best yet, and we have not been able to find anything that compares. Try us once and you won’t ever go anywhere else to get kratom. We ship to every state (in which it’s legal) and can also deliver within the Asheville area. We accept cash, debit/credit cards, and electronic payments (venmo, cashapp, etc). If you’re placing a large order and wish to use crypto, we can probably facilitate that as well.

The easiest way to order for shipping or delivery is by texting us: 828-398-0570

Strains availible for sale are:

Green Maeng Da

Super Green

White Bali

Black Maeng

Red Maeng

Red Bentuangie

The Green Maeng and White Bali are probably the strongest and most euphoric, though the Black Maeng and Red Maeng aren’t far behind. The Super Green is very smooth and provides a very relaxed stimulation, perfect for concentrating and doing focused work.

If you’re a big fan of RED and can afford to do so, we highly suggest buying a kilo of each red and combining them for a better experience. The Red Bentuangie is a deep, chocolatey red that is very relaxing but not super potent. The Red Maeng is very potent but more stimulating than what is traditional for red. Combined, they are awesome.

We also have Pink Bali, Red Borneo, a slightly different Red Maeng and a White Maeng (similar to White Bali) that are available but not included in the kilo sale. We are offering Pounds (16oz) for $70 as well, and these strains are included in that sale. Even buying two pounds ends up being $10 LESS than our normal, everyday price of $150.