Howdy Tennessee Neighbor!

Looking to get kratom in Tennessee? Good news, you now can– in person (in Johnson City) or by mail!

[Originally published in 2018, this has been updated May 2021]

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the good news. The Attorney General has stated that natural kratom powder is NOT ILLEGAL and law enforcement will be following the Attorney General’s opinion. This is great news! If you missed it, here’s a clip from Local 8 News

And here’s the official statement from the Attorney General

We are the most trusted kratom retailer in Asheville NC, and we have a Verified Pious Lion Kratom Distributor located in Johnson City Tennessee. At Atlantis in downtown Johnson City, you can walk in and make a purchase in person instead of waiting for us to ship your kratom to Tennessee– but we do ship fast if you need it sent by mail!

We use 2 Day Priority Shipping via USPS! Since we are so close, it’s quite possible that shipping will take just 1 business day, but certainly only 2 days at the most. We ship same day if you order before 3PM (This was pre-covid and shipping times tend to be a little slower now, taking 2 – 3 days).

Prices are as follow:

4 oz – $40 (up to 1 strains) + FREE FAST  SHIPPING
8 oz – $70 (up to 2 strains) + FREE FAST  SHIPPING
16 oz – $100 (up to 4 strains) + FREE FAST SHIPPING
1 Kilo – $150 (up to 9 strains) + FREE FAST SHIPPING

You can choose among several strains, and each order can be split up into different strains in 4oz increments.

Current strains are: White Maeng Da, White Bali, Green Papua, Green Maeng Da, Super Green, Green Nano, Gold Maeng, Red Borneo, Red Bali and Red Maeng Da.

You can pay via Cash App (fast and easy!), Secured Online Credit/Debit Card Payment or Venmo and even digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero 🙂

We have had folks from Tennessee asking for our kratom for a long time, but we were not able to help them due to the lack of clarification in the law. Now that the language has been clarified by the Attorney General, we are happy to do business with you. We’re very excited about this and look forward to serving you.

In early 2021 The Tennessee Senate passed a bill prohibiting kratom to be sold in packages smaller than 5oz or larger than 7oz. It also prohibits sales by anyone EXCEPT retailers. This is set to go into effect July 2021. Pious Lion will be standardizing all kratom packages sold in Tennessee to 7oz size. Atlantis in Johnson City will be carrying this new size.

You can place an order by messaging us or texting/calling 828-398-0570

We are open MON-FRI 10AM – 9PM and SAT 12PM to 9PM


Buy Kratom in Tennessee 2021