Pious Lion is Asheville’s #1 choice for premium, wild-sourced organic kratom

With more 6 potent strains, every-day low prices and free delivery, you will not find a better vendor in the Mountains of NC or anywhere else in the country.

Our 6 Flagship Strains Include:

Red Maeng Da 

Green Maeng Da 

White Maeng Da 

Gold Maeng Da 

Super Green 

Red Borneo

Our prices include FREE DELIVERY:

4 oz for $36
6 oz for $48
8 oz for $60
10 oz for $70
1 pound $90

We deliver kratom Monday through Saturday, 10AM to 9PM and service the following areas:

Same Day Delivery for no extra charge!





Black Mountain



and more…


To Place an  Order: Call/Text 828-398-0570 or message our facebook page


Pious Lion brand kratom is harvested sustainable in the wild jungles of South East Asia, with mature leaves being picked from trees. After a few months these leaves grow back. Our 6 flagship strains all come from Indonesia and are extremely high quality.

The pickers climb high into the trees and pluck the mature leaves. Harvesting kratom in this manner is environmentally friendly and ensures the integrity of the leaf has not been compromised with artificial fertilizers or dangerous pesticides.