Super Green

Vibrant • Clean • Productive

super-green-kratom-asheville-ncThe name says it all. This staff and customer favorite comes from giant Green Malay leaves and is useful for work or productivity. A consistent favorite, even for folks who aren’t crazy about Malay.

Gold Maeng Da

Striking • Versatile • Power


Think of this as a deeper red but able to be used in place of both red or green. Very balanced and adaptable to whatever it is you might be doing. A favorite amongst lovers of heavy greens and reds.

White Maeng Da

Bright • Uplifting • Energy


Not your average white. Definitely on the faster side without being too fast for most. Whether it’s a mid-morning boost or an all night cram session you’re seeking, we know you’ll be happy with this white maeng da by your side.

Green Maeng Da

Balance • Flow • Stamina


A very balanced green, consistent with any high quality green maeng da on the market. Never a bad choice, green maeng does an excellent job of being a well balanced, middle of the road strain enjoyable in most any setting.

Red Maeng Da

Warm • Mellow • Relief


An excellent night-time strain for unwinding or catching some Zzz’s. Our Red Maeng is always in demand by our customers week in and week out.

Red Borneo

Heavy • Comfort • Solace


Most folks are familiar with Red Bali, and so are disappointed when they don’t see it on our site and wind up ordering Red Borneo instead. But once they’ve become acquainted with it, they can’t stop singing its praises. Certainly our heaviest strain, red borneo is highly coveted amongst the ‘Red-Strain Aficionados’ who order exclusively through us.